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Highly educated, supremely motivated, and an endurance athlete to boot, Dr. rer. pol. Adéla Wyncoll, founder and CEO of Be Creative, comes from a long line of strong, business-minded women.

Her Story

How she got started

Originally from Liberec in the Czech Republic, she came to Switzerland at the age of twenty to study Business Management at the University of Fribourg. Eventually graduating with a Bachelors degree, a Masters summa cum laude, and a PhD in Applied Econometrics, as well as studying with the very selective Swiss National Bank PhD School for a year, Adéla had set her sights on the traditional corporate path. However, a series of personal setbacks, including a serious skiing accident and the untimely death of her mother, forced her to take stock, and to reassess her goals and aspirations.

Shaped by the endurance sports that have become vital to her existence, Adéla is focussed on good health – both physically and mentally – something that feeds organically into Be Creative. Willing to take risks, coupled with the self-belief instilled in her by her mother and grandmother, she is driven by a strong vision and a natural inclination for hard work. In addition to founding and running her company, she recently graduated with an MBA in Digital Marketing.

Developing long-term relationships with clients, so their needs, on whatever level, are met, is a central tenet of both mine and Be Creative’s ethos. Not simply interested in chasing the corporate dream, we believe in encouraging and nurturing others’ skill and drive. Business is symbiotic, so creating and strengthening strategies from the ground up benefits all concerned.

We are interested in who YOU are. Be Creative is focussed on a tailor made experience for every client, whatever your background and resources. From start-ups to businesses with long histories, we breathe new life into old experience and nurture the emergent into full bloom.

Dr. rer. pol. Adéla Wyncoll

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