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About Emma

Community Manager


Having completed her bachelor’s degree in communication, management and English, Emma wanted to gain professional experience before pursuing her university studies. Indeed, she is a motivated person who is always ready to take on new challenges.

Growing up along the advent of digital technology, she has been passionate about new medias since she was a child. She used to create small designs with basic softwares to feed her social networks and blogs – just for fun. And it was at university that she realized that she could turn this hobby into profession. Today, she is constantly looking to improve and learn more in this fast-growing field.

In her spare time, Emma plays football and tries to make some chords with her detuned guitar, when she is not travelling: indeed, travel is her greatest passion: she loves to go on adventures, and discover new cultures. It is probably because of the multicultural environment in which she was born and raised, as well as her exotic origins, that this need to discover the world was born.